A wavy website for the fabrics of Vlisco2017


Vlisco is one of the biggest designer and producer of wax fabrics. Often copied, their main difference resides in the quality of their fabrics and their ancestral printing process. They needed a brand new mobile-friendly website which could show their specificities but also boost the sales.

As the lead of the UX and art direction at LUST, I decided to focus on trying to show the beauty and details of their fabrics the best way possible on a digital device.

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For that, we used different interactions, in order to see the fabric as an object (mobile, interactive, 3d) and not as a static image (static, flat and rigid).

The main idea was to interact with the fabric as much as possible and to make it become the most central actor of the website of Vlisco. This simple rule was applied: anytime a fabric would display on the page, it should always be possible to buy it or see the other pages where it would also display.

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Thumbnail picture credits: Tokyo James x Vlisco