Concept for an exhibition questioning the heaviness2017


Objets Lourds is an exhibition which took place in the HEAR Art School for three days in March 2014. It featured the visual proposals and posters of 25 students who contributed to the project and worked on the notion of heaviness.

The main idea of this proposal was to question the concept of heaviness as opposed to lightness, while experimenting with new ways of displaying artworks. The posters were indeed suspended to air balloons. This offered a semantic and physical ambivalence between the heaviness of the posters (the representation but also the physical quality of the paper) and the lightness of the balloons.

This original exhibition plan also led to re-consider the exhibition space itself. Because of the constant moving artworks, their order was always random. Moreover, this constant move was also inciting the visitors to touch the artworks and move around with them.

This project is a collaboration with Estelle Bizet.