A 90min contemplative video on World War 12016


The Strasbourg Music Conservatory approached us to produce a 90minutes video as a visual background for a show. The show aimed to present the stories of 2 writers and musicians during the WW1 by the alternation of the reading of their mails and playing of their music.

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The video consisted in a visual representation of the feelings described in the mails. From keywords, we collected a thousand of contemporary amateur videos and public domain movies from the Internet, in order to confront the memory of the war with nowadays life.

The keywords helped us to organize the different videos in a logical and sensible way. The images were then distorted, damaged and melted, in order to keep short sequences and to create a long and contemplative video.

This performance was has been played in 3 different concert halls in both France and Germany.

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This project is a collaboration with Romain Goetz and Iris Winckler and was realized with the help of Camille Aussibal, Mayssa Jaoudat and Laurie Oyarzun.