Bright Urban Futures is not your average urbanism company. It’s a laboratory of full-time researchers, in a constant lookout for questioning. ‘What energy system will be used tomorrow? How do we create better public space? How to create climate-proof neighbourhoods?’ Bright was in need for a new identity, and a way to showcase their projects and reflections online.

Starting from an experimental standpoint, I helped them develop their new website and visual identity: a visual and interactive space showcasing their reflections, like on a mind map. User can navigate in a non-linear fashion, and get lost in Bright’s thoughts.

User can drag around and navigate intuitively. A system of colour tags brings an insight into the topic of each project while delimitating the mind space into zones of focus.

As part of the visual system, the blurred shape interacts with the user. It follows the mouse pointer on desktop versions, and movement is triggered by gyroscope on mobile versions.