Asko Schönberg2021


Asko Schönberg is a modern Dutch chamber orchestra, with a focus on 21st century contemporary classical music. In parallel to their rebranding, I worked with Asko Schönberg to translate their musical vision into a digital experience that would support their creative identity, while ensuring a smooth user experience.

One of the key objectives to the platform was to integrate the new identity, in the most playful manner, while providing the user with a clear experience. The platform had to integrate an event calendar, an online ticket service, a journal, and of course, some musicality.

The core of the identity is an ultra-simple grid. Two lines symbolise a blank canvas, which is a host for music. Each concert is represented by a unique visual, allowing an endless variety of graphic elements: 3d renders, illustration, video. This minimal setup offers a lot of modularity. In order to conserve the minimalism of the identity, the lines substitute as page title, interactive menu and navigation elements.

Event’s pages are built around the event’s visual, highlighting its own singularity. A colour system is set up, allowing two colours per event. The tickets calendar is optimized for a seamless cross devices experience.

The journal (Backstage) is designed with reverted contrast and clashes with the rest of the platform. In order to emphasize playfulness, elements are floating on the pages.