9/11, an experimentation about the divergence of narratives in history2018


After the attacks of the 9/11 2011, the Government of the USA published its official report in a very consequent book of 585 pages, accessible here. This report proposes a version of the facts based on the analyses and investigations conducted by the Government. However, thousands of citizen have different opinions about the facts or simply don’t trust this version.

This book is a personal experimentation about the divergence of narratives in history; it is an attempt at visualizing the different opinions emerging around this topic and which derange the order established by the theory of the Government. In this experimentation, the two sorts of narratives are put together in the same book; this offers a layering, a different reading and comprehension of the official report, augmented by different points of view, found on various websites (forums, conspiracy websites…). By a system of matching keywords between the official report and the citizen’s points of view, the original text is visually altered and semantically augmented by a paratext.