Contextualised Information, an automated archive of online rumors2017

This project is a research about online journalism, rumors spreading and fake informations through new media and Internet. With the internet, a lot of fake information are now spread every seconds. The analysis of those rumors make us understand that for the majority, they are based on assumptions, predjudices and mental models. How can we save and encapsulate fake information from the web as they are viral and then demonstrate that they are often quickly modified? How can we trace them? How can we raise the awareness of people about this topic? This project was part of my master graduation and received the mention of excellence from the jury.
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Publication for Hands-up! studio2017

Hands-up! studio, multi-disciplinary design studio based in Paris, was in need for an external point of view on the studio in order to have some distance and design on their own identity. The choice was to use a very straightforward and bold language, which would at the same time put the emphasis on distinctive and qualitative print details. This matches their taste for nice printed objects.
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