Save_as says: ‘Hello world’2017

I am proud to announce the imminent launch of, a platform for ongoing research and books that we like, created and curated by my friend Thomas Walskaar and I. I was also glad to design the website. It exists as a framework for projects and publishing activities to come, that require collaboration, on top of our personal activities. This will of course deal with design, internet, media and cross-media. See you soon there for extra content.
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For a real time archive of web rumors2016

As a research for my master graduation project (2015), I have been digging deeper into a topic which I was already quite interested in: common beliefs and especially online rumors. The end result from this year of research was Contextualised Information: a publishing project aiming to archive but also explain online rumors in a PDF following an automated process. For more technical information, you can browse here or directly on the messy Github repository. What I propose here is to go back a bit in time and to have a look at the core concept of this project. Here is the introduction which I wrote for the book. About This publication aims to make visible a part of the fake and unverified information circulating online. Its goal is to help internaute users to understand rumors’ spreading mechanisms and the fantasmatic ideas those fake information peddle and people believe in. This publication stands as an outsider in regard to the other rumors specialized websites, which already exist on the Web, because it takes in consideration 3 points of view that are not usually compared. It does not only focus on the falseness of the rumors and the role played by the medias conveying […]
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A couple of thoughts from « Curation as publishing/publishing as curation »2015

On the 4th of November, Florian Cramer (artist, writer, theorist and director of Creating 010) gave a talk at Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) on topic: “Curation as publishing/publishing as curation”. Or how to publish in an hybrid way, regarding the evolutions of reading with the Internet age. Refusing to consider digital media as an “upgraded” printed book, Florian Cramer first argued that digital media and printed book should then be more considered as the same integrated process: publishing. What appears with the Internet (and more especially the use of web) is that people tend to use electronic publishing as a personal archiving; they tend to “curate” their publications, rather than with classical publishing. According to Florian Cramer, the “curator” has become a trendy expression, during the past two decades. If the name “curator” used to refer to this “gray invisible burocrat” that was in charge of the conservation of museum, it has now become a very important person of every exhibition who sometimes is considered as hierarchically higher than the artist. But the “curatorial” way people use digital media by browsing on the web and picking publications & image to create their own library finds some similarities with the remix […]
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